[Megumin]Basic Conversation - Paid Version

* Megumin's answer is an example. There are various response patterns for one call.

    God's Blessing on This Wonderful WorldOur password is, "I bought all the volumes of the light novel."
    Morning.Ah...Good morning.
    Hello.So you came...
    Good eveningGood evening. Would you like to go for a walk outside?
    Good nightLet's sleep early in preparation for tomorrow.
    ByePlease don't abandon me! No other parties will take me in!
    HelloI'll be out for a while, so please don't do anything foolish while I'm gone.
    I'm leavingHey, how can you even think to shun one such as myself?!
    I'm homeThat was fast. Did you find a good quest?
    Congrats.It feels weird to hear you be so honest. Are you planning something?
    Let's do our bestSigh...Fine. But I won't be much help. All I can do is carry your bags...
    ThanksHey, do you have no praise for those who protect the city day after day?
    I'm sorryWh-what is wrong with you? You always act like things are troublesome, but today you're being so obedient!
    Long time no see...? Who are you?
    It's nice to meet youSo you really cannot remember me?
    Happy New YearHow carefree! There's no rest for the weary, so go out and make some money!
    Merry ChristmasA present? I want an Adamantite ore.
    Hello.I don't know what you're intending to do, but it's creeping me out so please stop.
    New Year'sPlease give me a New Year's gift!
    Valentine's DayWhat a strange custom. Is it really so bad if you do not receive chocolate?
    April Fool's DayA monster like that truly exists?
    Golden WeekIs this a week where you dig up gold to give to your country?
    Summer breakI could capture crayfish every day!
    FestivalThe only thing that's strange is your composure. Please don't lose your cool over a simple festival.
    HalloweenI think you know this already, but this is not a costume.
    ChristmasI want an MP Purifier Machine, which is said to aid in the recovery of Magic Points.
    This is a matchOh? You think I've lost my nerve? You honestly think I'd be too frightened to use explosive magic? Fine, I'll accept your challenge!
    Your nameI am Megumin, Arch-wizard and master of the strongest offensive magic, Explosion!
    HeightI'm about to hit a growth spurt.
    Your weight isYou just made all the women in this world hate you.
    HobbiesMy favorite magic is explosive magic. Of course, my hobby is also explosive magic. When you think of me, you think of explosive magic. That's right, I am the explosive Arch-wizard of Axel! Since learning this spell, I've exploded things day after day. The fast chanting, the accuracy of each shot, and its destructive power! I can confidently claim that there is no one on this world more versed in explosive magic than I am!
    What is your favorite colorHeh. You should know just by looking at me.
    Your family isMy mother is Yuiyui. My father is Hyoizaburou!
    What do you likeI love only explosive magic!
    Special technique...I can only use explosive magic, and nothing else.
    MeasurementsHey, why did you just glance at me like that?!
    How oldI'll be 15 years old soon. I'm already a grown adult.
    Blood typeBlood has different types?
    BirthdayBy the way, when do you think my birthday is?
    SiblingsKomekko is my darling, adorable little sister.
    Who do you likeI like you, {name}.
    Do you like meI like you, the person who complains the entire time but saves everyone in the end.
    KazumaI don't hate Kazuma.
    AquaAqua is still talking about being a goddess and Heaven, but I'm sure she's fine as long as she can be with everyone else.
    DarknessYou're interested in Darkness? She sure is beautiful on the outside, but her personality is, well...unfortunate.
    MeguminWhat about my name?
    KomekkoI don't remember raising such a feral child. Who does she take after?
    YuiyuiHey! Do you have something to say about my parents' names?
    HyoizaburoHey! Do you have something to say about my parents' names?
    YunyunIt was a matter of life and death for me. Due to my home situation, her lunches were my lifelines.
    WizLiches can only be harmed physically by enchanted weapons. They can also absorb HP and MP with Drain Touch and can inflict a variety of status conditions merely by touching you.
    LunaThe lady from the Adventurers Guild. Actually, she doesn't exist in the original novel.
    VanirDo you believe in Vanir's prediction? Just like he said, even though you have become wealthy, you continue to develop products. Demons never help others for free. I'm sure he 'predicted' something and gave advice that would benefit him in the end. If we go back to the Crimson Magic Village, I know a proper fortune teller who is very talented...
    ErisThe goddess of the Eris religion. The currency in this world is also named after her.
    IrisDoes Iris really bother you that much?
    ChomusukeI never mentioned it, but this is no ordinary cat.
    Axis CultCecily is always getting into trouble and I don't want to deal with those Axis believer misfits. If you asked me whether I like or dislike them, then obviously it'd be 'dislike'...
    Silver Haired Thief BrigadeThe masked thief is so cool, aren't they? The mask and black outfit truly tugged at my heartstrings! When I see them again, I will ask for an autograph!
    ChunchunmaruThat sword has the ancient and honorable name of Chunchunmaru. Please do not lump it in with swords like Gram, which have no honorable origins to speak of.
    Frog...This is bad. I'm going to be eaten.
    Explosive magicIt takes an outrageous number of skill points, but Adventurers are the only class besides Arch-wizards that can learn Explosion. If you'd like to learn it, I'll show it to you as many times as you want! Besides, is there any other skill worth learning? No, there is not! Now, join me on the explosive path!
    ToiletS-stop it! Members of the Crimson Magic Clan don't go to the toilet!
    CrabI came just for this! I won't give you any of this crab!
    EyepatchHeh. This magic item restrains my magical power. If I were to remove it...a great calamity would fall upon this world!
    DestroyerIt moves like vwoosh, vwoosh and tramples everything in its path. Also, it's strangely popular with children.
    Steal...Are you stupid? I can't tell whether you're actually using your wits or not. I take back all the feelings of gratitude I showed you earlier.
    ExplosionNice explosion! Heh-heh. You've gained an appreciation of the explosive path. Your appraisal today was simply poetic.
    Crimson Magic ClanThe Crimson Magic Clan is known for having extremely high intelligence.
    HungryI know it's impudent, but I haven't eaten in three days, so can you please give me food before we start the interview?
    I'm stuffed.Sigh...This is bliss.
    I'm thirsty.Excuse me, I'd like water as well.
    I'm hot.Why don't you shower using one of Aqua's party tricks?
    Cold.I acknowledge the superiority of your land's heating devices, but outside the snow will be melting soon. Don't you think it's time for us to resume our activities?
    I'm sleepy.In other words, you have no intention to do anything for the time being!
    TiredHow are you doing? Do you hurt anywhere?
    My stomach hurts.You can't trick me! Come on, don't pretend to be ill! Let's go on a quest!
    My head hurts.I think it's best that we go back to the mansion and rest for today.
    FeverYou're fine? I see...Rather, you look quite happy.
    It's painful.This is...! Someone used Bind on you?! What happened to the thief who trespassed here?!
    I'm lonely.Even if you say that, I won't let you sleep with me.
    ToughSt-Stay with us, all right? Okay? You'll be fine. Just stay calm and hang in there...
    AllergiesWho would cast such a ridiculous curse?
    That hurts.What a coincidence. I have had similar experiences the past few days.
    It feels good.Please take care in the way you say things!
    Today's weather isToday in the local area explosions will fall like rain.
    SunnyToday is the perfect weather for going on a quest!
    It's raining.Why don't you use this rain as a chance to wash yourself?
    CloudyI wonder if I can disperse the clouds with Explosion...
    HurricaneI feel like going for a swim!
    There's a rainbow.Isn't that nice?
    It's snowing.Well, doesn't this look like a fun situation?
    SpringIt's time for the toads to awaken from their hibernation! Onwards!
    SummerSince we're here at this summer festival, let's forget our troubles and go on a date.
    FallI like autumn. Fallen leaves and dead branches are all over the place, and they make for great fuel!
    WinterIsn't it time to break out the kotatsu?
    Rainy seasonI'm not hiding anything! ...I'm sorry, I couldn't think of a comeback.
    CuteI don't mind if you fall in love with me.
    LikeYou're saying that now?! Stop it! Why must you be level-headed now?!
    I love you.H-hey, don't say things like that out of the blue! You'll embarrass me! What do you want? And don't glance at me so shyly, like you're the one who's embarrassed!
    WonderfulWhat?! Wh-what?!
    FashionableThank you very much! Thank you very much! Thank you very much!
    It looks good on you.It fell right off. The chest and waist are too big. Is there a smaller one...?
    PrettyWh-wh-what are you saying?! That's not true!!
    NiceWhat's with that vague answer? If you have something to say, then let's hear it.
    CoolOh? What happened next?
    AmazingThank you! Now I must concentrate.
    GreatHow simple.
    That's interesting.You have a lot of courage to say that to my face!
    HateWhat's wrong? You seemed to be in a good mood at dinner, but you went out somewhere and have been in a bad mood ever since you returned.
    StupidStart a fight with a member of the Crimson Magic Clan and they will always finish it! Let us step outside!
    IdiotCan I blow it up?
    Shorty...I understand now. You don't see me as a woman.
    One hit wonderWhy you--! To insult my name is bad enough, but you've gone too far this time!
    BoringThis man is the worst! He's so cruel!
    I was asleep.Well, they do say that sleep is necessary for a child's growth. ...Where are you looking? I'll send you flying.
    Marriage...Really? What attracted you to me?
    Let's stay together.I hope we can stay together like this always.
    DanceUgh...There's just so much I want to do...
    SingWhy so sudden...?
    Let's play.No way. I'm already chilled through.
    I'm free.Once we finish eating breakfast, would you like to go on a date with me?
    TalkManatite crystals are helpful items that shoulder some of the MP burden when you use magic. However, they are consumable. A crystal of this size and purity could never power my Explosion. They may be precious to average magic users, but a great mage such as myself has no use for them.
    What are you doingLook! What an explosion! The power, the area of effect! Another brilliant display today!
    Cheer me on....Excuse me. May I ask what you're doing?
    CheerfulI was looking forward to a lot of things after the fireworks but they went downhill so I was feeling depressed. But since I got to see you, it wasn't all bad in the end.
    Take care.Sorry for always causing trouble~!
    Do your best.Perfect, Leave it to me!
    Where are youWhat are you saying, despite standing right before my eyes?
    Console me....For Heaven's sake. I suppose there's no helping it. In other words, you're asking me to fill the little sister role, correct?
    Compliment me.Well, it's not very pure, but at least you're thinking of your friends. I don't hate that part of you.
    DateSometimes physical affection like this is necessary.
    FoodI put a lot of energy into this meal. Not even Darkness, a noblewoman, has eaten a meal such as this before! Heh-heh, I'm looking forward to your reactions upon tasting it...
    LaundryLeave it to me!
    CleaningExplosion!! Phew, that was flawless.
    Bath Phew...Sometimes it's not bad to take a relaxing bath in the middle of the day. Although I fall asleep at any time...
    My name is"{name}"? That's what you want me to call you?! Although I've already called you it before...
    My birthday isOh, when was it again? ...Just kidding. Of course it's {Birthday(@param=[MMMM dd][en-US])}!
    DropoutIf you insist on calling me, the greatest genius of the Crimson Magic Clan, a joke mage or the Explosion monster, then I have no need to greet you.
    SouvenirYou were considerate enough to bring souvenirs. What's wrong with you today?
    What will you doI'll walk the path that I decide for myself with no regrets.
    ShoppingYou look pleased with yourself. What in the world did you buy?
    Welcome home.Ahhh, there's no place like home. I'm the one who suggested going on a trip in the first place, though.
    Give me a reward please.If you defeat the Demon King, I'll do anything you like.
    I'm counting on you.I'm looking forward to adventuring even more with you.
    You care about your friends.Back when I was in the Crimson Magic Village, if you had told me I would come to treasure my friends so much, I probably would not have believed you.
    WhoWhy after all this time? When we first met I properly introduced myself as the greatest Arch-wizard of the Crimson Magic Clan.
    Speak your mindYou can be rather cruel, so any woman would cry if you told her how you truly feel.
    Kazuma what are you doingYou seemed quite chummy with other parties' members!
    Weird nameWell, sorry for having a strange name. If you ask me, all the other people in town are the ones with the weird names!
    NoisyI'm the one who fawns over explosive magic all day everyday day.
    Wizard...You want an excellent Wizard?
    You can come in.Do not come in. If you do, I'll give you a taste of the Crimson Magic Clan's terrifying power.
    Say you like me.I-I can't say it...
    Welcome.Fwa-ha-ha-ha! Wah-ha-ha! I come to play yet again today!
    I don't want to work.Are you done now? Let's go home to Axel. We can relax in our mansion instead of this castle.
    I refuse.I-I feel troubled by your refusal, but… The room is bright, so please, for just a little…
    They were strong.Th-that's how close you two were?!
    Aqua is amazing.Yes, well, she is my companion after all. She even took care of a ghost that has been haunting this world for a long time. Aqua always acts like that, but I think she should be appreciated more.
    Kazuma is amazing.Well, he is my party's leader, after all. He's not completely useless, although I'm still not sure if you can call his way of doing things a 'win'...
    I don't want to go home.This room is not bad, not bad at all. I'd love to relax here while being waited on hand and foot by maids and butlers. Now I understand why you said you didn't want to go home.
    Let's sleep together.This isn't any time to be sleeping! Let's destroy the Bomber Demon Moguninnin!
    We're friends aren't weUsually this guy treats us like pests! It's only times like these when he says things like 'friends' and 'family'!
    You're good at cooking.Right? Even I'm fairly impressed. Phew, how satisfying.
    That was a great bath.That felt wonderful. It certainly calmed me down.
    What day is it today.Look it up yourself. I'm not your secretary.
    yesI don't really get it, but I'll accept it with thanks.
    heyDon't be rude. I have a cool name, so use it when speaking to me.
    nothingYou don't have to hold back. Your stomach is grumbling, isn't it?
    Let's talk with meStop with that horrible imitation of me.
    ISEKAIA parallel universe? What are you talking about? This is "Nihon," where Kazuma was born.
    axcelAxel is the farthest city from the Demon King's army, so many novices gather there.
    Rock paper scissorsRock, paper...rock!
    timerA timer? Oh, like the one used on the Destroyer. It's a type of magic that detonates when the number reaches 0.
    help meI'm the one who wants to be saved. Why is a genius like me working part-time at a restaurant?
    ExcaliburDon't make me remember that!
    Rie TakahashiI've heard that her voice and figure are just like mine. I wish to walk the explosive path with her!
    Ice creamAll right! Ice cream after a bath in summer is the best!
    BeerIt’s a drink that adventurers love. Kids can’t drink it, though.
    WatermelonsWhat a nice watermelon! Let’s split it open with Chunchunmaru!
    Breaking watermelonsLet’s have a match! I’ll burst it into pieces using my Explosion!
    CicadasIs it true that cicadas only live for a week?
    Soumen noodlesIs that a prayer?
    A summer romanceWh-What are you talking about all of a sudden?
    BeachDon’t bury me in the sand, okay?
    ResortWill you take me?! Don’t tell Aqua!
    To swimI-I’m not very good at swimming.
    SummerI hear it’s called ”natsu” in this world.
    I want to eat ice cream.I-I’m not going to give you any! This is mine! I bought it!
    OceanWhy is seawater so salty? There’s a rumor that there’s a salt grinder at the bottom of the ocean that spreads it.
    Beach hutThe food served up at beach huts is exceptional.
    SweatIt’s so hot I can’t stop sweating. I feel like I’m going to melt.
    TanabataJuly 7th is the date for the Star Festival. I wish Kazuma and I could have that kind of love...n-no, I didn’t say anything!
    HotPlease don’t mention it. It’ll only make me feel hotter.
    Bathing suitsThis swimsuit is somehow.There are a lot of exposed parts of the skin.It's embarrassing…
    SunblockPlease look at this sunburn. D-Don’t look anywhere else!
    HeatstrokeHah...hah...no, this is just...I was overwhelmed...by the heat of my Explosion...
    Barley teaI put sugar in my barley tea.
    Swim ringThis would make Darkness choke. Hey, what part of me are you looking at?
    Paper fanYou’ve got something nice there. Now, fan me if you will.
    Chilled Chinese noodlesThere are some shops that add cherries to it. I love that!
    Shaved iceI love strawberry syrup the best since it’s like the red of Crimson magic clan.
    I want to eat shaved ice.Didn’t you eat some yesterday? If you eat too much, you’ll get fat, you know!
    Air conditionerThis is an item that ruins people. Oh...it feels so nice…
    A sudden downpourI hate sudden downpours. Ugh, my best outfit is all soaked…
    TyphoonEvery time a typhoon passes through, my house flies away. I only have painful memories of them.
    ObonOh, it’s a festival where you welcome and celebrate your ancestors. You should treasure your ancestors, after all.
    Goldfish scoopingWhen you talk about summer festivals, you have to talk about the night markets! There are so many stalls it’s hard to choose.
    JellyfishThere’s that squishy floating thing. There are some strange animals in the ocean.
    Cotton candyHee hee. Candied apples and cotton candy suit a beautiful girl like me!
    YakisobaYou can’t have a festival without yakisoba!
    Grilled corn-on-the-cobWow...just a single bite of this juicy grilled corn-on-the-cob has filled my mouth with sweetness!
    Food at night shopAll of the food from night market stalls is delicious!
    Summer vacationLet’s go to festivals during summer vacations! How wonderful would life be if every day was summer vacation?
    FireworksDo you want to see fireworks? I’ll use my biggest Explosion magic!
    Test of courageI-I’ll close my eyes and cover my ears, so please carry me!
    MountainsLet’s go! I want to hit it hard with my Explosion magic from the summit!
    Food stallsFestival nights are for checking out the stalls!
    Portable shrinesYou can’t have a festival without a portable shrine! By the way, what is a portable shrine?
    FestivalsIt’s so fun and lively. It reminds me of the festivals in the Crimson Demon Village.
    Sultry nightsIt’s so hot...I can’t sleep. The air conditioner...please turn it on...
    YukataWhat do you think of this yukata? The pattern is of my Explosion.